6 Best Social Media Tools that one can expect for Free

Starting a new business or venture is never easy. Along with the hard work for the set up, one needs to do adequate marketing so that people know about it. These days, the best form of marketing is internet marketing which is being provided by The Marketing Folks and other SEO companies that oftentimes include the social media. But simply posting company’s link on social media might not work. One should have a fair knowledge about the tools that must also be employed for better result. For simply interacting with the audience or to find and connect with a key person who can help deliver content to the audience or simply to improve the content – social media tools can take care of all these and a lot more though these are mostly paid services. After some research, one can get the following best social media tools for free over the internet that can be useful for an organization or an individual.

  • Click to Tweet – It is one of the best social media tools for free that provides a link that enables the user to tweet a quote straight from the content thereby increasing the interaction. It also helps to provide analysis reports and keeps a follow up of the user.
  • Digg Digg – Most of the social media sites can be expected to deliver this facility. Facebook Like, Twitter, Facebook Share, Linkedin, Buffer, Google+ and Digg are covered. It is a plugin by Buffer that adds sharing buttons so that a count can be maintained on client’s page and the needful can be done by the individual or organization.  
  • How sociable – It is a score-based site and provides the score of a site’s performance for a week across 12 social media sites so that needful action can be taken to enhance the performance for the social media site where the score is less.
  • Google Alerts – One of the best social media tools for free is the Google Alerts which is a listening tool that lets you see which social media site is bringing traffic and sales for your business and also reports each time your business name or keyword is mentioned in blogs, forums and news related sites.
  • Addictomatic – It is a very simple yet effective listening social media tool. What one has to do is simply enter the business or brand name and search. It will return with a number of sites that can be customized according to one’s wish!
  • Crowdbooster – A type of social media management tool – Crowdbooster is also one of the simplest and perfect social media tools for free that enables to schedule posts and recommends best times for posts along with showing the most active fan that can be helpful in the business. It is typically a social media management tool.

These are some of the finest social media tools for free that can be used effectively for enhancing the business or by an individual to ramp up the social media presence. Social media tools are very important to be used perfectly because the social media platforms’ success depends upon them. A better performance by the tools will ensure a better performance by the social media sites. If at all any changes are to be done, then without beating around the bush these tools can give the idea of where the changes are to be effected.