All You Should Know About Sleeping Bags

Keen on outdoor adventure trips, planning your school summer camp are some of the major reasons which result in purchasing sleeping bags.  The right sleeping bag will let you feel the same comfort you get from sleeping in your bed. This article focuses on providing you with all the necessary information about sleeping bags.

Parameters which categorize sleeping bags

Temperature  – A sleeping bag can provide sound sleep in temperature as low as well as high temperatures. There are three types of sleeping bags based on the parameters of the temperature.  These are Summer Seasonal bags suited for 30 F and higher. These are light weight and can be zipped open almost completely in case of a really warm night. Next, comes the Three Season sleeping bag suitable for  20 F. It is ideally suitable for spring as well as for mountain trips in summer. It has some add on features to provide protection from the cold. To combat extreme cold weather when the temperature is around 20  F or below we have the Winter Season Bags. It provides far greater insulation and helps you keep warm.

Insulation-   A sleeping bag is either synthetic fill or down fill insulated.  Down fill is ideally suited for cold places as will provide you with warmth. The higher the fill power the more warmth the sleeping bag will provide. Synthetic fill is an automatic choice for wet and damp surroundings as its polyester material is quite fluffy preventing absorption of water.

Design and Dimension- This has solely to do with the shape of the sleeping bags Mummy, Rectangular and Semi Rectangular. The mummy shaped is tapered from the waist down providing for more space above the waist and due to its small size offers high insulation. The Rectangular shaped sleeping bag is not tapered and is an apt choice for camping in the backyard. The semi rectangular shaped sleeping bag is a cross breed of the two and offers more space for sideways movement during sleeping and is more warmth than a rectangular shaped sleeping bag.

Certain Add-ons for a better experience

  1. Air Beds – provide extra cushioning.

     2.Mats- Be it sleeping or roll mats just put in under the sleeping bag to facilitate more insulation and generate warmth.

  1. Pillow- Travel pillows that are smaller and ideal for limited space.

One of the most trusted brands in this category is the Docooler Sleeping Bags. These are easily available at Amazon, One will be spoilt for choice due to the range and variety offered under this brand.