Benefits of Network Monitoring

A network manager is a person who has to track the performance of the network and be ready to fix any problem in case it stops operating properly.

Watching a computer network can be done manually but taking into account that there are quite a lot of units connected to the network definitely it’s recommended to use special software. This activity is really important and must be done regularly to help the network run correctly.

If you are network manager and you need some assistance with monitoring your network, you may always apply for a special network monitoring software. It’s a program designed to follow the main parameters of the network and initiate a certain kind of activity once an important index deviates.

Total Network Monitor: a Handy Tool to Manage Your Network

If you are willing to automatize some of your job duties, we recommend to try your hands with Total Network Monitor or TNM. It’s one of the easiest and handiest tools to help you monitor your network. Here are some benefits you may get once you’ve decided to try using this program:

  • TNM features a handy interface that can support two modes of view: a tree view and a map view;
  • TNM supports a wide range of Internet protocols;
  • TNM gives you an opportunity to check log files for a certain content (you can use a particular expression to find a necessary file);
  • TNM possesses a convenient notification system (when a certain parameter deviates from a normal index, you may get a sound signal or an email where you can find a complete information about the problem);
  • TNM can reveal monitoring and journalizing statistics (the program can display all monitor events chronologically and reveal data about various network conditions);

Total Network Monitor: How to Use It?

If you are willing to use TNM to monitor your network, you need to scan your network firstly. This should be done to reveal all devices connected to the network. When you get a complete list of the objects connected to the network, it’s necessary to determine a number of objects which performance should be tracked: you should name these objects and add them into a special database to build up a program hierarchy.

When the list of the devices that need to be eyed is completed, you can start creating monitors. These are special events that would be repeated to check the parameter of the network. You can set up monitors the way you require and determine the activity that should be done in case they reveal any deviations.

Here are the main benefits you may get from applying for TNM.