Best CSS Practices to Improve the Quality of Your Website

Cascading Style Sheets are one of the most important parts of any website as they can make the website accessible and can also help in decreasing the amount of codes used on the website. However, people tend to not focus on the CSS codes used in a website. This is why the websites often get clumsy and even considered a mess by the online visitors.

Whatever may be the reason behind the negligence the one that suffers is the website. This is why it’s always recommended that you write clean and manageable codes of the Cascading Style Sheets to make sure that your website is clean, accessible and doesn’t look clumsy to the online audience. Keeping your codes are simple and can be done by any coder.

Here are some of the best practices that you need to follow to ensure that the CSS codes used in your website speed up the website and make it attractive for the people:


Just like anything else, it’s a good practice to keep yourself organized, rather than writing the code in the order they come into your mind. The more you organize your codes, classes, and the id’s the more chances are that your website will have structured codes that are easily accessible. It’s suggested that you declare the most generic items at first and then the non-generic items and so on.

CSS codes, Cascading

This will allow your CSS to properly inherit the attributes and it’s also easier for you to override a specific design when you need to. You will be able to make changes to the code easily as you would know what comes after what.

Date, Sign, and Title are important

It’s recommended that you let others know about who wrote the CSS code when was it written and who to contact if there’s some doubt about it. This is very useful if you’re designing templates and themes for your website. If there’s any problem with the code in the future or you want to change the code you could do it easily.

Use proper naming conventions

One of the most important benefits of using Cascading Style Sheets is the ability of it to separate the content codes from the styles. This enables you to completely redesign your website by just changing the Cascading Style Sheet codes without you needing to even touch the HTML codes. This is why it’s suggested that you use proper naming conventions in your codes.

This will not only make your code look good, but also will help you in differentiating among the classes, ids’, and other parts of the code. Make sure you name the elements present in the code based on their attributes, and not how they look like.