How to track someone’s Android phone via phone tracking app

There are various reasons work behind tracking a phone number. Parents want to follow their children’s number to spy their activities; sometimes employers want to track their employees’ numbers. Phone number tracking facility on your mobile helps to find out the lost phone even this option allows you to track the location of your loved one and take necessary steps if he/she faces any problem. Now the question is how to track a mobile number? We also find out the answer to this question.

How to track Someone’s number?

You can hardly find a device which has inbuilt phone number tracking option. You need to download third party apps on mobiles to do this work. You can find plenty of applications on the Apps Store, and you do not need to own a jailbreak or rooted device for installing those apps on your phone.

In this article, we have discussed some applications which are compatible with Android device, and you can easily track someone’s mobile number via Android phone.


This is a phone tracker app to spy the activities of your dear ones, children or employees. You can install this application on a mobile phone and supervise the action of the phone owner. It can help you to see the location of the targeted device even you can be informed if the user replaces the SIM card.

This application can able to keep the record of every outgoing and incoming call. It can allow you to see every SMS and MMS messages on the device where it is installed. Hoverwatch works silently. The device owner does not get to know that his/her is got tracked.

Prey Anti Theft

You don’t know when your phone will be lost so you should use an application which can help you to retrieve your lost phone. You can use Prey Anti Theft which is one of the best applications to recover your lost phone even it can help you find out your tablet, laptop. It can work with all the main operating systems, and you can track simultaneously three devices from one account.

Google Latitude

Google Latitude is another best phone tracker app. It can help you to find out a lost phone. If you do not find you phone and suppose to think that it is stolen, then you can Sign in the Google Latitude account and get to know the location of your device.

GPS Phone Tracker

You can use GPS Phone Tracker app if you are looking a phone tracking application. It can help you to find out the locations of your friends, kids or dear ones. Don’t get upset, if your phone is stolen. Just go to the app’s website to know the location of your device.

Apart from these applications, you can use Phone Spy of Refog. They also provide refog PC tracker solution to their users.

Final Words

This is our list of phone tracking app to track someone’s Android Phone. Even you can use these applications to retrieve your stolen phone. If you want to add any other application in this list, please let us know.