Laptop or MacBook? Which is right for you


It’s an ever growing question, should you go Apple or go for a Windows laptop? Many technological changes have happened over the past few years, we have tablets, laptops, MacBooks and now the new laptop/tablet hybrid in the form of the new surface. There are lots of options available when choosing from the latest tech but the answer to the question often comes down to the purpose of it and how you are going to use it. We look at a few scenarios and which might be the best option.

  • MacBook – High spec out of the box

Apple computers are known for their stability, whist they are a little on the pricey side (starting from £1000) they provide a great ‘out of the box’ solution to a high spec device that can be carried around. MacBook airs come with a 2 year warranty and can be equipped with a 13.3” screen, high powered devices perfect for office work, video editing and digital media work.Image result for Laptop or MacBook? Which is right for you

The only issues with a MacBook is that often using gadgets are not possible, they have less ports than windows devices and are prone to overheating when in heavy usage.

  • A clear choice for gaming

If you are planning on playing the latest games on your device, there is only one choice and that is a high spec windows laptop. MacBooks have a reputation for a lack of compatibility when it comes to gaming, many games cannot be installed on a Mac and those that can often have problems. It must be stressed that only a high spec laptop will do for gaming, alien ware have some great options for gaming laptops and often match the specs of a MacBook but whilst providing the compatibility needed.

If you want USB ports, adaptability and compatibility then a laptop is for you. Another benefit of a a laptop over Apple products is when it comes to repairs. When having Apple MacBook repairs carried out they need to be done via Apple which often becomes costly. With Microsoft laptop repairs you can take your device into an independent technician to fix at a fraction of the cost.

  • Mobility over higher specs

Whilst alien ware laptops and large screen MacBooks may work well for digital media and running programs that require high specs, they are perhaps not as effective when you want something as mobile as possible. If you’re looking to do general office work, internet browsing and watching movies then a Microsoft Surface could be for you. You can easily switch between a laptop and tablet by simply detaching the keyboard. The surface folds out for easy use. If high specs aren’t your priority and you want something you can get out on the train then the surface could be for you.