ProGo 3000 – no more toxic wastes or start up troubles

For lots of car enthusiasts, scooters remain the most problematic means of transport that tend to have issues with cold starting and often demonstrate engine malfunctions. In what refers to gas-powered models the statement is to a higher extent true. Indeed, the constant carburetor gumming and a two-stroke engine jamming drives at times to the state of fury. It makes special sense when you are, say, late for work and can’t get a damn thing working. With regards to this fact, owning a gasoline scooter often turns into solving the endless troubles. Yet, it only refers to the gas-driven appliances, for a newly featured propane-powered class representative is an entirely different story.

Distinctive features of a propane-driven scooter

In order to get started, the product we are reviewing is equipped with a four-stroke eco-clean engine, which shows much higher working efficiency compared to two-stroke alternatives. For a scooter owner, it means easier start, no bothering with priming and absence of a carburetor gum up issue. Propane fuel burns completely, leaving no toxic wastes or harmful deposits inside the combustion chamber. In addition, it’s cheap and allows you to save plenty of dollars in a long use.

Considering a small engine’s capacity (25 cc), the scooter boasts one more significant advantage – safety. The maximum speed of 20 mph allows the driver to totally control the situation in the streets and bring the vehicle to a full stop within a just couple of seconds. Luckily, the front and rare disc brakes on the 8” wheels allow that to be done without any problem. Also, the small dimensions make it possible to simply go past the obstacle and escape the possible dangerous moments. The ProGo PS 3000 review contains some more detailed information regarding this matter, same as the extended description of technical specs.

Benefits of owning the appliance

The primary benefit is, of course, that the product is totally eco-friendly. The label on the engine cover states that the model is EPA and CARB approved, meaning it produces a close to zero emissions level. This fact benefits to both the environment and your own health, making you enjoy the fresh air during the whole ride.

Another beneficial fact is that fuel it uses is much cheaper in comparison to gasoline. Assuming, a great many motorists and simply car enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to save some bucks and spend them on their personal needs. In the times of a fuel crisis this, surely, turns into a truly relevant topic.

And one more thing to admire is that model acquired the unique design features, allowing it to be foldable and easy to carry. Naturally, one doesn’t need to bother with storing the appliance or looking for a free parking place when there’s none. The total weight of 16 kilos greatly contributes to this matter, as one can just fold the handle and carry the scooter as a bag. Owning to its tiny dimensions the product won’t be taking much room and will always remain insight wherever you choose to go.