Rename The Uncategorized Category In WordPress

When you make a post and you don’t assign it to any category, it ends up in the uncategorized category. It sometimes happens that you are in a hurry and the post ends up in the uncategorized category and that really looks unprofessional and ugly. If you have tried to rename it, you aren’t the first one to try. In this post, we will teach you how to rename it so that your uncategorized posts don’t look so unprofessional.

You can’t delete the uncategorized category until you assign another category as a default one. So, you can do this in two different ways, either you can rename the uncategorized category or you can set another one as default and then delete it if you want.Image result for Rename The Uncategorized Category In WordPress


At this point you can’t delete it, but you can change its name to something more meaningful for your website. First open your WordPress Admin and go to Posts and then Categories and check for the uncategorized category. Just below it you will see an edit button, click it. Then you will be presented with an edit screen with the name and slug. If your site is already live and search engines are indexing it, you should not change the slug because this will cause a 404 error when users or search engines are trying to reach the old URL. Of course, you can change the name and from now on you won’t have to see this annoying uncategorized category anymore.

If you really want to change the slug for some reason, just do it but then you have more work to do if you want to prevent your users and search engines from getting the 404 error. Install and activate a plugin named Simple 301 Redirects and after you activate it go to Settings and then 301 Redirects and enter the uncategorized url you were using before in the request field and then the new one in the destination field. After that the only thing you have to do is to save to store the new settings.


Another way to do the same is to change the default category so that uncategorized posts go there instead. First create any category you are going to use by default as you would usually do. Then go to Settings and then click on Writing. Among the available options you will also have one “Set a default post category” After you click on that you will have to add the chosen category. Bear in mind this will work from that moment on so, all the posts you already have in the uncategorized category will remain there. If you want to move them, you will have to do it manually by editing them and changing the category or using more advanced tricks to do that. After you have changed the default category you can delete the uncategorized category if you were already sick of seeing it in your dashboard.