Sky3ds+ latest FAQ, for the ones who plan to buy it for NEW 2DS XL/NEW 3DS/3DS in 2017?

If you plan to buy Sky3ds+ in latest version or you are a Gateway 3ds card user who is considering to switch to Sky3ds plus flash card, cause 3ds gateway can’t work on 11.4 firmware version, you must have some questions on the new 3ds card. Here, in order to let every person like you know sky3ds+ a little deep, I write the sky3ds+ faqs here.

  1. Use Sky3ds+, can you only play EU 3ds roms on my EUR console, Sky3ds+ wont allow you to play USA or other regions?

Correct. The Sky3ds emulates a cartridge so your USA 3DS/2DS will not play EU or JPN roms as it will not play legit carts from those regions, either.

  1. What is the largest sd card you can use for Sky3DS+? Is the 128GB card for Gateway 3ds working?

The most recent firmware, v140, should load your 128GB card just fine. any size will work as far as I know, so long as you format it; however switching games isn’t exactly a speedy process, and the more games you have to scroll through, the more time it’ll take to find something specific.

  1. Does Sky3ds+ support ExFAT or is it just FAT32? Where can you get a good formatter program?

Starting with firmware v130 the Sky3ds supports cards formatted as exFAT, however when you want to flash new firmware it needs to be run from a FAT32 formatted card. If you’re going to wipe your SD card, I’d use the SD Association Formatter and then use Windows to reformat to exFAT if needed.

  1. How does Sky3DS+ switch between multiple games on the Microsd?

The Sky3ds+ has a physical orange rocker switch on the cart that you use to move forward and back through the roms on the SD card. You can press the button as many times as you like and it will move that many entries down the alphabetical list of files. As far as I know, the only way to switch games is click one of two small buttons on the Sky3DS+ card (they’re the orange piece that you can see in pics) to scroll through them. Not very intuitive, but it works.

  1. In terms of headers for online play. If you have ripped private header game card and have it as a bin file and use a header tool to add it to your roms and rename to .3DZ for play with your gateway. Can you use this pre-ripped header for Sky3DS+ online? Does it need to be in a specific format? Or do you need to get the Skydock thing?

You will have to read your header .bin file in a text editor of some sort because the Sky3ds just needs the header string in hexadecimal and you can paste it into the settings.txt file as the value for the setting DEFAULT_GAMESAVE_KEY and it should be applied to all roms you put in it.
The Skydock is for ripping a new private header or backing up a game ROM, you shouldn’t need it unless you plan on doing either of those things.

  1. Will it support Nintendo NEW 2DS XL console?

I personally can’t confirm because I don’t have an N2DS XL, but it’s exactly the same size as a regular cart aside from the buttons on the top so as long as it’s inserted the same way as usual in the N2DS XL it’ll fit just fine.

  1. Is there a way to convert Gateway saves to Sky3DS+ saves?

I don’t know about converting save files, but I’d say it’s likely you’ll have to start over. You should definitely try copying some over to test, because I don’t know if anyone’s tried it before.

  1. Can you play NDS games loaded on the SKY3DS+ on Nintendo 3DS?

No, the Sky3ds only emulates 3DS carts. R4 3DS card is working on 3DS/2DS/DS for playing NDS games, but sky3ds+ isn’t.

  1. Anything else you should know, look out for?

When you add roms to an SD card that’s already been mounted on the Sky3ds+ before it may create junk .sav files for those roms that are 0kb instead of the proper 64kb. When you try to mount the new roms on your 3DS it’ll error out and the Sky3ds will bounce back to the previous good rom. You can skip over the non-mounting roms by pressing the button more times so it’s not like this error breaks the already working games. When this happens you can just delete the junk saves and boot the Sky3ds again to see if it does it right the next time, if the problem persists backup your good saves, wipe the SD card and repopulate with all the roms at once. I’d recommend letting the Sky3ds make fresh save files for everything and then overwriting them with your backup

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