The Best 5 Locations for Positioning Home Security Cameras

No one knows your home better than you. If you are installing home security cameras, then don’t forget to install them in the important places where you feel there is a chance of an intruder breaking into your home.

According to Hikvision vulnerabilities, there are few best spots for positioning your home security cameras. The best five locations for positioning these surveillance systems at home are listed below.

  1. Front Door: According to a report, 34% of the intruders break into your home through the front door. Hence, it is important to place a security camera at your home’s main door. For this, experts recommend installing a peep-hole camera, which can help you see the one who’s knocking your door.
  2. Back Door: Equip each main entry door with a security camera to protect your home from theft. Make sure that you place the camera out of reach of the intruders. Make sure that you enclose your camera so that it doesn’t get damaged when a burglar tries to damage it.
  3. Backyard: Most of the times, backyards have expensive outdoor equipment. Kids also love to play in the lawn and enjoy the beautiful garden outside your home. So, it is advised to install a motion sensor security camera, which can capture shots in night vision. Install the camera such that it is visible to the intruder so that it cautions him to leave your home as soon as he spots it.
  4. Off-Street Window: Intruders often break into houses through windows, which are not facing the street to reduce the chance of being caught. Expert advice is to install a wireless camera, which can be operated by remote or any other mobile device. This helps you to take control over the off-street window.
  5. Staircase: Some burglars break into the home through the subterranean route. To ensure the safety of your home, try to install a camera in the subterranean route staircase so that you can monitor and prevent your home from wayward prowlers. As an expert tip, you can secure your home by installing a motion sensor security camera with night vision.

These are the five important places one needs to have security cameras installed to prevent theft or any intruders breaking in your home. If you are still doubtful, you can always seek expert advice to help you decide better.