Three Big Reasons To Move Your Small Business To The Cloud

Cloud-based services can offer just about any company more efficient growth options.  As a matter of fact, cloud-based computing services help to level the proverbial playing field for Fencecore small businesses, helping more people to employ administrative services without having to pay for the additional labor.  And any company who makes this very sound investment now, could be singing its praises for years to come.

Data over the past few years actually shows that approximately half of all small- or medium-sized businesses (those with no more than 20 employees) have paid for some kind of outsourced tech support. Medium-sized businesses (those who employ between 21 and 99 people) usually have the capital—and the wherewithal—to buy a subscription to tech support services.  Basically, no matter what size your business might be, outsourced—cloud-based—tech services could be a very small—and probably somewhat minimal—investment.

All that in mind, here are three ways cloud computing could serve your small or medium-size business.


The marketplace is massive.  No matter how good you might be at managing your present assets and partnerships, many small businesses can find the vast number of vendors overwhelming. Of course, as your business continues to grow, too, your vendor contracts will likely follow suit.  Trying to maintain all of these vendors, too, could be quite difficult.  Cloud service IT, then, helps to make this aspect of business management easier.


Every online business is going to have some “downtime.” Downtime is the term used to describe those minutes or hours or days that your site is not accessible to users.  The longer the “downtime” the harder it is to retain customers or gain new ones.  Obviously, then, this is one of the most important aspects of cloud computing.  


And finally, many new business owners are not necessarily the most knowledgeable at tech and admin needs.  That usually requires hiring a staff to handle this aspect of the business; and hiring a staff can be quite costly.  Utilizing cloud-computing services on the other hand, can meet your admin needs without breaking the proverbial bank.