Valuable Tips for Photographers about Memory Cards

 Memory card is not just a plastic piece, but within it there is abundance of information. There is a controller, flash memory, and more. Memory and controller feature determines speed and card quality. You can think memory card to be a book including FAT (File Allocation Table) or Table of Content.

Formatting a memory card does not erase the actual card but the FAT gets cleared. The chapters remain until you shoot more pics and overwrite them. Therefore, if you accidentally formatted the photos then use data rescue program and recover deleted photos from memory card comfortably.

Tips about memory cards to photographers

Tip 1: Never erase images from camera’s memory card

Camera takes photo in an awesome manner, but is not designed to manage memory card data. If you delete photos one by one from the camera then the FAT table gets messed up. Don’t do it!

Memory cards are large and inexpensive, so there is no need to delete photo to free the space. Pop in new memory card and enjoy shooting. Create a backup file on your computer then format the card and use it again.

Tip 2: Brand memory cards make a difference

Cards may look alike, but it is the quality that counts. So, avoid using memory card from a no-brand company. In addition, you will need to use the card again and again, so spend a little more, and get better product.

Using a crappy memory card to store pictures clicked from a great camera with expensive lens is a worse thought.

Tip 3: Format memory cards properly

Many websites advice photographers to format their memory card, on the computer but this is wrong. Cards need to be formatted in the camera the photographers are shooting with.

Many photographers pull the SD card from one camera and insert it in another model without formatting, which is not good. Download the images and then format camera, after each shoot to keep things on card clean.

Tip 4: In-built data recovery program

Professional level memory cards include a free data recovery program, in case you delete images, accidentally. Run your card through this recovery program and retrieve your shot back, even after the card gets formatted.