Videoconference a new way of doing business

The era in which we live brings with it a paradox: scientists have debated for centuries to understand the real size of the earth, but if we want to measure the planet today, the result will change according to the technology considered. In many cases, the endless distances faced by ancient travelers have been canceled. The new global business silk route runs along the web and lets you face up to business people of our time, at any latitude and time limit. Establishing solid relationships with partners, internal staff, investors and customers is vital. New high-definition videoconferencing services let you communicate as if you met yourself and thus contribute to the success of your business. It is no longer essential to travel to maintain good relationships. Neither is it necessary to sacrifice the quality of services but to cut costs. Moreover, sophisticated technology is no longer reserved for technicians and contractors.

We then analyze the main advantages of videoconferencing.


One of the main reasons for using a new technology is the greater productivity. Nobody has ever bought a fax machine to save on postal charges, and the email was not created solely to eliminate the costs of paper shipments. Advances in technology primarily serve to speed up business and secondly to save money. Over the last 50 years, innovation has allowed more and more businesses to project from the local to the global dimension. Despite the positive aspects, these technologies have had a price: the human relationship. Today secure video conferencing allows you to create and maintain it independently of the distance, exceeding the limits of the email. In fact, 93% of communication is non-verbal, while today more than 56% of people think that mail is used too often over the phone or face-to-face conversations.


Who does not want to have a competitive advantage? Videoconferencing is usually considered a technology for “others”, something that serves professionals who manage mergers and acquisitions. According to a widespread feeling, videoconferencing would be a service that an average business can not afford. It is no longer so. Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources benefit from the many benefits of video conferencing: meeting more people; Access to a global distribution chain; Collaborate with customers and partners in real time. Companies that use videoconferencing enjoy this as a competitive advantage over others. The same phenomenon occurred at the time of the introduction of technologies such as steam engines, printing and e-mail. Videoconferencing is simply the next logical step. A nice change of pace. With videoconferencing services, the percentage of unhappy workers in their work-life balance is set to decrease. As well as reducing the average time spent in traffic jams by motorists at peak times.


Finding the perfect balance between work and private life can be difficult. We look to be available 24 hours a day, we face long shifts to go to work, attend weekly meetings at our headquarters, meet customers, etc. Result: It seems to be always on the go. Traveling at work seems normal until you realize that you are struggling to go home even during the weekends. Even replacing only a few meetings with videoconferencing, unnecessary sacrifices can be avoided. So, no matter where you live, thanks to videoconferencing you can be at home for dinner, helping your kids do their homework or practice their favorite sport. Collecting “frequent flyer” points is fine, but having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is even better. For example, many technicians are forced to do the same training sessions in each office. On the other hand, videoconferencing systems can do it simultaneously in different countries. This not only avoids the costs of travel, but saves a huge amount of valuable time. Thanks to the business video conferencing, in short, achieving the balance between work and private life has become simpler.

Provide customized services

In the past, companies were forced to buy expensive infrastructures if they wanted to implement a reliable and professional video conferencing infrastructure. Those days have passed. Today, affordable cloud video conferencing services are available at affordable prices to any business or individual professional. With sophisticated software, you can build your own videoconferencing from the basic elements, then add more services and features in an easy and cost-effective way. Companies can have what they need exactly when they need it. For example, setting up a small videoconferencing room today is easy and costs less than 200 euros.

Reduce travel and increase productivity

The golden age of travel has passed. Travel comfort does not improve, airlines do not get faster and worry about increasing the amount of passengers instead of improving flight quality. Customers are looking for cheap but especially comfortable travel. Today even a few hours flight can become a nuisance. The Concorde was not discarded because it was too fast, but because it was too slow. Even though it was the fastest plane in the world, it took too long to get from one place to another. Technology today makes instant communication at incomparably lower costs than travel. Aircraft remain an effective means of transport for travel, but they do not help save time. Companies need to find alternative solutions and videoconferencing responds perfectly to the need to reduce travel time to boost productivity.

Ensuring the continuity of the business

Bad weather, fire, natural disasters, epidemics. The list of factors that can affect business – often out of our control – can be scared. In 2010, for example, the volcanic ash cloud that swept the skies of Europe forced the plans to change over 100,000 flights and blocked over 10 million people. Thanks to videoconferencing, it is possible to guarantee continuity of work. Video conferencing makes it possible to work with colleagues and customers even when you can not reach your office. Just have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to connect in video conferencing from your home or anywhere where an internet connection is available. The quality of relationships does not hurt because HD video provides a dimension of interaction that no other form of remote communication can provide. It is very important to be able to see face to face when making important decisions, especially in times of crisis like the one we are going through.

Take advantage of tablets and smartphones

With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, almost everywhere in the world, wherever they go, they have a videoconferencing terminal, though they are often unaware of it. The trend is defined by the English BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) acronym. Considering therefore tablet and smartphone among videoconferencing systems is essential for corporate communications. Modern mobile devices enable collaboration in video with the same functionality available in the office. Also, they are very easy to use.

Managing globalization

Globalization has meant that customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners are located around the world. As the local business becomes increasingly global, it is necessary to be able to establish and maintain relationships even thousands of miles away. Regardless of where your office is located, you need to relate to more people and in the shortest possible time. Just as websites have allowed companies to get in touch with customers otherwise they could never reach, videoconferencing is the most effective and economical solution to keep, regardless of distances, contacts, and business relationships.

In conclusion …

In short, there are many advantages that companies of any size can derive from videoconferencing. In conclusion, we can add another. Trying with your own eyes does not cost anything. Demonstrations are free and allow managers and executives to experiment with a videoconference meeting firsthand to configure the service according to their needs. Additionally, making the first step is easy, because you can start at very low cost and with pay-per-use videoconferencing formulas that can be changed at any time if videoconferencing becomes a “vice” in the company. It is also possible to hire videoconferencing rooms at external facilities to experiment with a H.323 endpoint based configuration, that is, the hardware terminals specifically designed for video conferencing room before making any purchase.