What Should You Post on Instagram?

If you’ve just started your company Instagram, you may be uncertain as to what you should post. There are many different things you can include on Instagram; however, unlike other social media, you have to post a picture. In fact, the image is the main part of an Instagram post. The description and tags are necessary, but the picture is much more important. If you’re not sure what to use your Instagram for, here are a few suggestions that can help improve your brand’s visibility.


The main focus of most Instagram accounts is products. Taking photos of your products from various angles, in different settings, and even with customers can help you promote these items and improve your sales. If you’re having a sale or special on a product, you can post new images of it even if you already have a few pictures in your Instagram feed. Just remember to make sure your photos are clear and that the product stands out.

Displays and Store Pictures

If you have a brick and mortar storefront or if you set up booths at trade shows, photos of these displays are great to add to your Instagram as well. Your trade show booth pictures are a nice way of promoting your appearance at that show. You can use the description to add information about the event and where your booth is located.

For your store displays, you can upload images of new displays, products that are on sale, or remodelled sections of your store. Holiday décor can also make for a nice change of pace and give your followers a break from seeing nothing but new products. Anything that’s new and noteworthy can be added to your Instagram account. You can even include employees posing with some of your products.


Pictures of Your Followers

If you have a special event, major sale, raffle, or any other special event in which your customers and Instagram followers visit your store, take pictures and share them. Ask your followers to share the images with their friends and families. This is a good way to pick up a few additional Instagram followers. While it may not bring in a large number of new followers, it can help. You can supplement your numbers if you need to. Simply buy followers on Instagram to get your numbers up and your brand in front of more people.

Keep It Interesting

When it comes to posting images on your Instagram, the most important thing to remember is to keep it interesting. Posting dozens of very similar images in a row may cause some people to un-follow you. Try to post a good variety of images. If you add a picture of a product one day, do something different the next. Remember that your images don’t all have to be about your business. You can take a photo of a brilliant sunset or something new and notable in the city you’re based on. Keep it interesting and your followers will remain engaged.