Why eSports on Dingit.TV ‘bring it’ to the best gamers

In the crowded world of online gaming and eSports, one name conquers all – Dingit.TV.

As a leading destination for premium eSports and gaming, Dingit promises awesome gaming action, crushing content and the prime medium for professional online gamers.

As a gamer, who hasn’t  dreamed of showing off their badass (or madass!) skills to an appreciative worldwide audience?

Who doesn’t want to be respected, acknowledged and revered amongst his peers online?

Well, Dingit.TV is the place for you.  Killer players can create videos, share content online and showoff their pro gaming skills, but there’s far more than that.

Dingit’s staff will carefully screen all the submitted content, and only choose the cream of the crop, and for the true champions, even possibly pick it as the highlight of the week!

And that’s not all – apart from the recognition of  a hardcore community, should the staff pick your video as their favorite of the week, the winner will receive an amazing $200 also!

How good is that? Fun, fame, and even fortune from Dingit.TV – what’s not too like?

Why is Dingit.TV the best online eSports community?

For a true online eSports community and content platform to thrive such as Dingit has, the truth is they need to dominate in several ways :-

High traffic

It stands to reason, the most traffic flocks to the best sites, with the best content. As the leading online eSports and community, this is no idle boast from Dingit.TV – just check out  their traffic numbers against their competitors for evidence.

Well funded

Gaming communities are not just supported by their users, but also investors and outside funding also. Dingit has succeeded in raising excellent levels of funding through investment, advertising platforms, video streaming and many other revenue streams, which in turn creates the best online eSports community around.

Loads of content

Even if an eSports community such as DIngit has a massive fanbase and many, many users, it also needs a similar high volume of quality content on it’s platform also. With over 750+ hours of extremely popular content consumed to date, Dingit.TV shows no signs of letting those high standards slip anytime soon.

Advanced infrastructure

Even with high traffic, terrific revenue and funding, and heaps of tremendous content, there’s one other aspect where Dingit.TV stands out from its competitors.

With an advanced broadcast player, Dingit is the preferred destination for eSports fans and gamers worldwide.

In addition to the superb broadcast player, clear listings of excellent content, allowing users to sort quickly by views, date and other filters,  make a gamer’s life easy by getting him to the best content as quick and easy as possible.

Latest games and content

Don’t believe Dingit’s claims of being the best? Check out these bad boys….

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • StarCraft II Wings of Liberty
  • Overwatch
  • Destiny

So as you can see, Dingit. really is the place to be, if you really are serious about finding the best eSports gaming community online