Zuckerberg’s Plans for the Future VR and AR Gadgets

When Mark started the Facebook, it was only meant for the bridging the communication gap and giving communication a new face. After some years when it became a phenomenon in the world, the marketers started using it as a tool for marketing and many digital marketing companies which also provide SEO services in UAE start earning their bread and butter. But now, Mark has involved himself in making some great and innovative tech gadgets which will drive the whole world crazy just like the Facebook did.

In 2016 F8 conference the youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg made its appearance and gave a presentation based on the next ten years of the Facebook. In the F8 conference in San Francisco, the Mark announced that he is very optimistic about the virtual reality and augmented reality and including them in the next decade plan of the Facebook. That is why he announced many things related to these technologies and also announced that on which sort of VR and AR gadget he and his company is working on.

VR and AR pair of Glasses:

The Mark Zuckerberg in the same F8 conference also announced that he is working on incorporating the VR and AR technology in just like ordinary looking glass. The reason for working on this project is very simple and obvious. The VR and AR business in the world is expected to become as big as the worth of $120 billion business by 2020. Because of such type of future in the VR and AR business, Mark just like any other businessmen in the world he is also trying to get his share from this $120 billion.

Facebook and Oculus:

Mark didn’t just make its mind in 2016 to get involved in the VR and AR technologies. In the year 2014, the Facebook bought the Oculus VR which is one of the pioneers in producing some great VR and AR gadgets for $2 billion. After that, they both launched the Oculus Rift VR with Samsung Gear VR which is a mobile VR device powered by the Oculus that launched in November. At its launching, the Zuckerberg announced that he would work more on the PC and mobile VR gadgets as priorities for the future.

Fun with VR:

The focus of the Mark is not only on the gadgets and devices, but he is also working on different software and games that will make the use of these devices more fun. According to some reports, 2 million hours of videos and hundreds of apps are available, especially for the VR gears. Mark said that he has over 50 games for the VR headgears in the process and Oculus will also launch its special handheld controllers for the commercial purposes soon which will open new ways of interaction and a new layer of immersion. In the same conference, he also showed a video which shows that how you can get into the same room and can throw different things on each other by using the Oculus Toy Box demo.

Final Words:

At the speed on which the Mark Zuckerberg and an entire team of Facebook are working to incorporate the VR and AR gadgets in the Facebook then it is very much wise to say that the days are not far when we can use all the Facebook features just from the VR and AR glasses.